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Below are links to an 'Essex Ballad' with a short introduction and to part of our CD about Essex in the Second World War.

PDF Icon These new-fangled ways - A ballad of protest

Me, nao, sir, I don't howd 'ith these Board Schools;
Thäy larn the booys too much, my thinkin, now.
An' what I see, there's jest as many fools
As when thäy put the young uns to the plough.

PDF Icon Essex at War - a short extract from our 90 minute CD.


Below are links to the outlines of 2 typical Colchester Recalled tapes of local people’s lives. All our 3,300+ tapes will eventually have summaries like this. We need more local volunteers to help with the process.

PDF Icon Tape: 2331 Emmy Ethel Went - Born 3rd September 1899, Rowhedge

PDF Icon Tape: 0603 George Hermon - Born 11th July 1911, Great Tey

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Colchester Recalled CDs

We have three CDs for sale, each cost £9.50:

  • The Essex Ballads are dialect poems recorded by old people still able to speak the dying North Essex accent.
  • Essex At War contains memories of local people about all aspects of life in Colchester & District during World War II.
  • The Century Speaks contains the memories of local people throughout the 20th century, beginning with the Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897!

To obtain copies send a cheque for £9.50, payable to 'Colchester Recalled' to Peter Evans, 5 Grimston Road, Colchester CO2 7RN. Make sure you let us know YOUR address and the CD(s) you want.

Colchester Recalled Magazine Colchester Recalled Magazine

Our magazine 'Colchester Recalled' is an illustrated 16-page A4 booklet. All the stories in it are written by local people - though some are exiles from as far away as Edinburgh. There are now 30 editions of the magazine, each of which is 'timeless', carrying local pictures and stories from former days.

Hard copies of all editions can be obtained: contact email

Click on the samples to the right and left to view the pages in PDF format.

See also our Downloads Page